A study of French Renaissance type [with Lara Dautun and Samuel Salminen.

This is a year-long research-driven process of reviving Renaissance types by Pierre Haultin and Francois Guyot. The source material for this work was De l'institution, usage et doctrine du sainct sacrament, published by Ph. de Mornay (La Rochelle, H. Haultin, 1598). The project included two styles; a roman lowercase derived from Guyot's Double-Pica (Ascendonica, Gros-parangon) (1544), most likely punched by a La Rochelle punch-cutter, paired with capitals of La Rochelle Double-Pica Roman by Haultin (1598) and Guyot's Double-Pica (Ascendonica, Gros-parangon) italic (1557).

Tutored by
Frank E. Blokland